Bodyfat loss, exercise plans, intimate knowledge of living with heart disease and can help others with goals regarding this.  Clarifying, setting, and achieving other life goals with anyone that has a desire to succeed in any area they are passionate about.

My promise is to offer superior services at the lowest possible prices.  Please see inside for fees.  In addition, please note that I have a TOLL FREE number for you to call me on.  That’s right; I pay for the calls for our meetings!  After examining this entire site, bookmark it, and then please go check out other similar services for their prices.  If you are serious about achieving your goals in a cost effective manner, you will most likely be coming back! 


I have an advanced degree in counseling psychology, plenty of related work experience in professional settings, and unique life experiences that give me a unique perspective on helping others achieve their life goals.


Affordable Personal Encouragement Services provides its valued customers with a unique approach to goal setting and achievement.  Blending expert and experienced listening skills with my advanced education and practice in the field of therapy, spirituality, and other life experiences, I will provide you with a style of life coaching where you will feel listened to and fully understood.  This is where your process must start. 

If you are from a corporation or business and looking for a person who performs corporate mentoring services, please click on my “corporation” button on the home page to see the incredibly affordable services I offer to corporations or businesses at corporate rates you will not find anywhere else.  I also have a unique approach to corporate mentoring, just e-mail me and I will send you a prospectus.  If you are an individual seeking services, please read on...

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